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In the late 70 a small amusement park ordered a Arrow. The coaster operated as "The Serpent" in till it was removed in 1982 for a new amusement park. For 30 years the coaster sat in the middle of a corn field rusting. IN 2015 the park that got rid of the ride announced it would be coming back for the 30th anniversary as "Son of The Serpent" Crowds sang praise for the next season, but the question still remained. Why change the name if it is going to have the same layout? The secret was that the final three air hills would be banked for ejector air. Catalian Amusement Park had never been as happy.


The structure file contains extra stuff

There are two tracks in track folder, one of them is maintenance


Section Tracks
Type Arrow Classic Corkscrew
File Size 49.06 KB
Date Uploaded Sep 18, 2016
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