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A significantly harder version of Rainforest Romp from RCT2 Wacky Worlds, Extreme Rainforest Romp is part of my RCT2 Wacky Worlds Redux scenario series. Your goal is to build a large theme park in the rainforest, either on the plateau or directly in the rainforest. Beware of those old overgrown trees though, as they can be rather annoying to work with. The "Forbid landscaping changes" restriction has been completely removed in favor of making the guests more difficult to attract and the park rating harder to increase and maintain. Another major change from the original is that the guests here prefer more intense rides, which is hinted at in the scenario's description.

Goal: To achieve a park value of at least 990,000 at the end of October, Year 4.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Sep 29, 2020
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