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The most wonderful scenario that has ever been made! As I heard of Wild Adventure Valdosta Georgia's Cheetah Run closed! I used this scenario and that prebuilt wooden coaster for that reason as in Roller Coaster Tycoon then No Limits and Planet Coaster we can build what we like and want since things are going and changing! Nothing last forever though enjoy riding what you can always and be happy what we went to and rode before! Park is built into many many other kinds of inspirations from other world parks as I used the same certain coaster types for! For fun I built a Schwarzkopf Interlocking Shuttle Loop Coaster as only in rct I can do it yes! Wheeeee! Located in Tucson Arizona South of Phoenix Arizona as a great theme park with great exotic selection of rides enjoy Southern Sands!

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Mar 21, 2023