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ONE GIANT STEP... Dedicated to the men and women whose skills, sacrifice, courage and teamwork opened the door to the exploration of man's exciting new frontier...outer space. Because they dared to reach for the stars and the planets, man's knowledge of his universe, earth and himself has been greatly enriched. Presented by missile, space and range pioneers. January 15, 1975.

In 1975, in Orlando, Florida, the very first Space Mountain welcomed its first Space travelers. It would go on to have four different spin-offs on opposite ends of the world, but the original still remains in Orlando. Over the years, everything around it would change but the iconic white dome has remained the same and the skyline of Tomorrowland would be nothing without it. Nevertheless, certain things have changed over time with the addition of extra buildings, loading area enclosures, post show rehabs, speedramp removals, but the way it was when it first opened remains firmly fixed in the hearts of many and right here is where you can experience it the way it was in 1975.

Sourced from over a hundred pictures, numerous on-ride, off-ride and lights-on videos from generations, this is the first and only accurate recreation of Orlando's Space Mountain on RCTgo.

*Custom Scenery Required*


WDWSp/ceMountainRideSet (Track ML03 required)
ImagineerTom's Tomorrowland Transit Authority


Rctman12_SpaceMountainV2.0 (With TTA pieces)
Mattatt14's Space Mountain Set
Space Mountain 1977 Set
Matt's Modern Building Set
Matt's Tomorrowland
A-Goodies for Coaster Set, flat part
Black Walls
Belgabor Invisible Doodads
Vodhin's Ride Operators
Glass Walls (Modified)
Briantjuh94's Borders
Station Jim's Furnishings
Furniture Set Recolorable
Aceana's Pavement Essentials Expanded (Coloured)
DasMatze's Office Day
Moby's Curved Floors
JCat's SpaceWorx
Briantjuh94's Path Covers
Briantjuh94's Fences
CoasterJoes's Queue Line
CoasterJoe's Crowd Control
T4L-Fences and More
Fun's Space Mountain 1977 Set
StationJim's Fencing
Vodhin's SkyWay Kit
Matt's Magic Kingdom- Main Street USA
Spice's Trees
Trees Mega Pack
shy-Expo 3000 Set 2

'Space shuttle, for your safety, remain seated with your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the rocket and watch your children. You are clear for launch...'

Section Parks
File Size 6.21 MB
Date Uploaded Mar 17, 2020




is there a way you can send a link where i can download all the custom scenery needed at once


I'm afraid it's not that easy but I made the list as simple as possible to make it easy. The sets aren't too difficult to find and most of them can be found at the Custom Scenery Depot.


alright theres just a few i can't find