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space mountain with dome and effects!!!!!!

Requires RCT3: Soaked! 3 comments

this is a sand box park with the space mountain track, dome, and space effects. this is an almost perfect replica of the space mountain at disneyland C.A./in order to use this you must download the following./(Rctman12WDW space mountain Set/DRP Tubes/Pumper-SteelWorx/Pumper-DarkRideSet/) if you have any questions about this send me an email at ([email protected]) please write me to coment on what you think. Thanks =) I cant get a picture so I can email anybody Pictures who wants to see them before they download this.just ask.

Section Parks
File Size 1.39 MB
Date Uploaded Jul 10, 2007



could u send me the link for the pumper-DarkRide Set cause I Can't find it ANYWHERE!!!


same with me I cant find it and I really want this


Here is the link for the darkride-set:http://www.trackworx.com/the-dark-ride-collection