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Spearwood is a scenario where the objective is to get a target income from rides. There are a set of good rides already but you have huge debt. A lot of the rides cannot be deleted as they are preserved for heritage. You must turn this park around by building more rides while keeping the ride income in mind.
,000 per month in ride tickets

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Jul 21, 2021
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Fred 104 4276

Again, RCTgo hates those dollar signs! This site needs a change in the code to stop censoring any texts including dollar signs in them. The goal (as the screenshot shows) is 12K from ride tickets in a month.


I like the map and the Theme is cool with the little backstory is nice :) objective was way too easy though by October year 2 I was already making 14k a month from ticket prices :) this is also without using any campaigns either cause for some reason they stopped working for me.
It did on the other hand get me building rollercoasters quickly I came up with some nice ones will post on of them :)