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I wanted to experiment with wooden coasters, like what ELSE can you do with this? So I did. That's one of those experiments. A race between 8 parallel tracks (plus two independant tracks exploring the inner structure). It's an incredible ride in any of the trains maily because of the sound effects. If you download it, make sure your speakers or headphones are on. The noise of 8 trains rushing down the hill next to one another is similar to a squadron of propeller planes flying low above your head ! Or something like that...
Everything is in test mode when you open the file first time (and the park is not 'opened"), allowing you to try these rides with less lag, before opening the park to thousands of peeps.
Plenty of improvements for you to add like thrill rides, stalls and more.
Try it out and see which coaster will win the race!

Section Parks
File Size 5.23 MB
Date Uploaded Nov 24, 2007
Liked by Trist, Trist