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An old Speedway lay hidden, abandoned, along with many other abandoned race courses; soon to be discovered.... Overnight, a mysterious gang of motor-head mechanics rejuvenated the race courses, even the oldest and most battered of all....... Speedway 95; do you dare to race on its many turns and twists? If you dare to do so, you’ll find yourself re-racing the whole circuit ....... in reverse.

So grab your helmets and prepare for an intense 9.11 race course, with an excitement of 7.09. By the time you cross the finish you may be feeling dizzy, your nausea levels reaching 5.51.

You will need JCats Steelworks for the best experience.

Warning, Speedway 95 reaches high speeds of 70.20mph, hurtling around the course with the average speed of 48.22 mph. One of the fastest race courses around, there’ll be no time to scream with the race-timing being an almost record breaking 42 seconds.

3, 2, 1. Good luck contestants. Race safely. See you at the finish line.

For better understanding:

Excitement Rating: 7.09
Intensity Rating: 9.11
Nausea Rating: 5.51

Maximum Speed: 70.20 mph
Average Speed: 48.22 mph
Ride Time: 0.42
Ride Length: 2974.29 ft

Section Tracks
Type LIM Launched Coaster
File Size 53.72 KB
Date Uploaded Apr 30, 2012




This is awesome! I noticed however that the second to last picture has no black terrain. Good good job.
Did you upload a video of the ride on youtube?


OMG. SPEEDY? HOW? xD I voted for this one anyway NICE ONE!


Ah, thankyou, well noticed Alex, some of the photos were taken before the end result so there are a few minor differences bwtween photos, sorry about this. I've recorded the "track-mode" part so far, just need to record from "peep view" and make a video like X-Flight.

Just what I was thinking Peter, I thought Cross-Fade was going to win, thanks again Peter.


well done speedy


Thankyou Madhatter


I might of said this on skype but this is better than mine by miles :3


Ahha, thankyou again Peter, like you said, better screen shots:)


Ahha, thankyou again Peter, like you said, better screen shots:)


Yes! I voted for you and I knew you would win! I adore the coaster. The way it's set up and the way it twists and turns along the winding track is awesome. You did a great job on creating such a coaster. Congrats to you. One more thing...I absolutly love shuttle coasters. :-D


Wow, thankyou RC777. I'm glad you do, thankyou. Thankyou very much, I love making cork-screwing, twisting and looping coasters (a little hint there...) not not too many inversions or it will ruin it, you have to make the layout..equal, if you know what I mean. Hmm, would you like me to personally make you a small shuttle coaster?(: Just a little something for the great feed-back, thankyou again(:


this is an awesome track. ahhh where did you get the cars from and just awesome. I Love to see track that "could" be real. awesome work


I Vote for this Coaster i mean Nice works and i cant get JCat Steelworx i have only Wild and RCT3 Normal please Help me?


Ahha, thankyou Bigg. It is a LIM (Linear Induction Motor) coaster and I think you may have to have soaked for it. That woud be awesome indeed it's quite a small but compact coaster too.


Thankyou S.F, oh, if you have a free disk you can get an expansion download from uTorrent (not reccomended) or you will have to buy a copy from the internet or local gaming store.


i like how you made it as a story type thing

i voted and it is cool


Thankyou Cody, I thought the story thing might have helped it a bit. And thankyou for voting too.


That look's cool


Oh yes! I would love for you to make me a coaster. If you dont mind me asking could you make an Atlantis-themed shuttle coaster? One with no inversions because most of the coasters in my park include inversions and something compact so it will take up a small amount of space. I'm kinda running out of room in my park. If you cant do that that's fine beacuse I can always delete a coaster. Thanks a bunch! You're the best!


Thankyou Disneyb.

Oh, ahha okay. I have already made one, but I'll just put both of them in one Zip file.

Hmm, compact, but no inversions, sounds tricky, I'll see what I can do.

You're very welcome.


Looks good great job speedy


Your Welcome! I voted for this one a while back. LOL :)


Is this a coaster or a park?


how do i get it onto rct3 ???? :(


Thankyou very much Dabean98, it took me ages and I still haven't even made a video for it yet...

Ah, thankyou very much for the vote, RctdemosOnYoutube :)

It's a coaster, Robbinxxx :)

If I can remember properly, snowfish, you download it, when it asks where to put it, select the drive your game is saved on(usually C), ---> Program Files ---> (Folder) Atari ---> (Folder) Coaster Designs ---> click okay. If it doesn't ask when to save it to, after you've downloaded it, you will find it in the "Downloads" section. Right click it to bring up the mini-menu, select 'copy' and follow the same directional instructions as before then paste it with the other designs. If RCT3 is running, save + close it, then launch it again and the coaster should will be found under the type of coaster it is.

Sorry for not replying sooner and hope this helps. :)