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Three years ago, researchers and geographs discovered an isolated mountain in Japan, which was inhabited by the spirit of a mythical Japanese dragon, the ryū. They were not able to estimate the time it occupied this site, but they know that it was there for a very long time ago. The geographers named the site Spirited Mountain, to represent the living dragon spirit in it. The government also protected the site and made it a touristic place that got a lot of popularity.

To bring even more guests and tourists to the Spirited Mountain, the authorities decided to build a roller coaster on it. Named after the spirit of the dragon, Ryū is a small wild mouse coaster designed to go fast at parts and have large turns to compensate from the high speed. It also takes advantage of the landscape to have a few underground tunnels and make the ride more interesting. The mountain entrance has the shape of the ryū's head, so people would not forget about the spirit living there.

Due to the very high popularity of the place, the authorities asked for building a small village around it, so guests could benefit from essential services such as restaurants and toilets. It became one of the most appreciated touristic site of Japan.

Made entirely of vanilla scenery except for support blockers.

See final screenshot for statistiques. Underground view also included.

Let's have a great round 272!

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