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This is my very first entry. A wild west themed Splash Battle ride.

Excitement: 4.15(medium)
Intensity: 0.44(low)
Nausea: 0.03(low)

This took me nearly 2 weeks to complete as it is very custom scenery heavy. As a result the scenery will be uploaded separately

I'm not really expecting to win but I wish all the entries the best of luck


If this wins a tutorial video will be made to show you how you can build a ride like this

I got the inspiration for this after downloading the Europa Park Expansion pack where the CTR came from. And from Splash Battle: Pheroah's Reign at Story Land in Glen NH

Again im a new commer so I'm quite inexperienced with this competition. But let's have a good round and put Splash Battle rides to the test

Section Tracks
Type Splash Battle
File Size 189.85 KB
Date Uploaded Aug 13, 2018




Cool ride. I like the work you have done theme very much.


Nice work