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"Splitter" is a track design available for RCT3: Wild! It uses the Splitting Track base coaster.

Excitement Rating: 0.23 (Low)
Intensity Rating: 15.59 (Ultra-Extreme)
Nausea Rating: 13.37 (Ultra-Extreme)

First Person Camera: https://youtu.be/W5e5mwzP3fg

This coaster uses 2 stations allowing for more efficient loading and unloading. Ensure if you are using queue pathways the distance from the sign to the station is equal for both entrances to ensure efficient and equal loading. Also ensure that both paths begin opposite each other on the same tile of regular path, as seen in screenshots.

Section Tracks
Type Splitting Coaster
File Size 120.74 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 4, 2016
Liked by jarodkuhn