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A simple track, which I made to pass some time. I was going for a Jungle(ish) themed ride. I'm not the best with scenery though, and you might be better off placing your own scenery

Excitement: 2.40
Intensity: 3.10
Nausea: 1.70

Space Required: 11 x 12
Max Speed: 36 Mph
Average Speed: 9 Mph
Ride Length: 744 Feet
Drops: 2
Highest Drop Height: 39 Ft


Max Positive G's: 2.24g
Max Negative G's: -0.32g
Max Lateral G's: 2.24g

Section Tracks
Type Wooden Roller Coaster
File Size 4.35 KB
Date Uploaded Feb 23, 2018
Liked by Kibejo, SamDogy, MarleyD


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If you decide to, thanks for downloading! 😃