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Excitement 53.63 (It really says this)
Intensity 4.96
Nausea 2.33

This is a coaster I created in the same park as Nightingale. I think it's a really cool coaster with lots of scenery. It took a lot of time. I hope you enjoy it!

Section Tracks
Type Roller Coaster
File Size 3.64 MB
Date Uploaded Jan 26, 2012




Thanks for the votes everyone!

The custom scenery I used was steelworx, shyguys alpine village, griffon ctr, moby's steel jungle v1 and v2, the catwalks for griffon (not sure if those were with the griffon ctr or not), shy guy catfish cove, Rocket99'sB&M Addon, Coasterfreak90s Dive Coaster Additions, Gadget Goodies for Coaster Set-flat parts, shy guy main street set, nf particle effects, Weber-Gazebo and Rock Set, WeberAged Footers, Techno-CE-Intamin Footers, ATHCatwalk and Accessories Set, LoneWolf'sRound Footers. I'm pretty sure these are all the ones that could possibly be in that file. Thanks for the votes and comments.

Check out my youtube page to see some of my other rides. http://www.youtube.com/user/ryanfrazier21?feature=mhee


hi i really love the look of this ride but cant find the lone wolf footers as most of the links have gone.Could someone send me a link or email it to me
[email protected]


here's the link