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Hop aboard "Stampede!" And rage through 2 Overbanked turns, an 84 degree drop, and a completely indoor zero g barrel roll!

Enjoy your ride!

Section Tracks
Type Wooden Coaster
File Size 411.67 KB
Date Uploaded May 17, 2013



Terry Inferno

Was this inspired by Outlaw Run in Silver Dollar City? The two tracks do bear some striking similarities to each other.

rccoa coasters

I got inspired by both Outlaw Run and Iron Rattler.


how build your own park

rccoa coasters

Thanks for giving me the featured download everyone!


looks like goliath

rccoa coasters

^Especially the first overbank!


the fact that it follows the terrain is amazing. And a twist in a tunnel????? This is one of the best no limits coasters i've seen. Downloaded and liked!

rccoa coasters

Thank You!


it really looks like goliath. ESPECIALLY THE DROP

rccoa coasters

^ Indeed! Strange enough I made this before Goliath was announced! :)