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Welcome to Star Junction, a theme park is for all ages! From the crazy thrills like the famous Sea Serpent and the Ninja, to some more modest rides like the Flying Dutchman and the River Rapids! In other words, this park has it all! :D

1-23456's Crate Set
182470's Station Set V.2.
Adnecles Bridge Set
ATH Catwalks
Baffie's Stations
Caederus Drehkreuz Set
Coasterfreak90's Megacoaster CTR
Coasterfreak Station Platform
Coasterjoe Intamin Supports
Coasterjoe Intamin Footers
Coasterjoe Intamin Turns
Compressed Air's Rusty Roads Speedway Kit
CPisco's B&M Footers
Neon Lighting Set
DasMatze McConnery's Fast Food
Intamin Brakefins
Doughnut's Pool Structures
Aceana's Pavement Essentials Expanded Color
Gadget Coaster Goodies
Iceat's Curved Slide Supports
Iceat's Timber Frame Building Pieces
ImagineerJohn's Animated Dark Ride Set
JackyX Turnstyles
JackyX Wooden Coaster Stuff
JCat Steelworx
JCat Screamworx
JMAinAZ Flags Recolorable
JMAinAZ Fans Themed
Jmbekrub - Stone Bridge Set
Jmbekrub Train Bridge Set 1
Jmbekrub Wood Foot Bridge
KLN Electro Set
KLN Framework
L33 Alpha Paths: Carpet
L33 Alpha Paths: Crossbrick
L33 Alpha Paths: Grass
L33 Alpha Paths: Irregular
L33 Alpha Paths: Old Brick
L33 Alpha Paths: Paving
L33 Alpha Paths: Plain
L33 Alpha Paths: Tiles
L33 Alpha Paths: Woodchips
L33 POE Building 1
L33 POE Building 3
LuosBTM Rocks
Markmarkje's Slide Cover
Moby's Steel Jungle
Moneyremco's Station Covers
MrPKI Coaster tunnels
MSJ 91 Stone Walls
NYR Asphalt Roads
NYR Diner booths
Ody's Coaster Goodies
Old man John Building Set 2
Old man John Silver Set Part 1
Old man John Silver Set Part 2
Old man John Wall 1 Stall
Old man John Wall 2 Counter
Old man John Wall 2 Stall
Old Spice's Construction Set
Old Spice's Farm Set
Osudenny Fountain Pack
JCat Mouseworx
JCat Dark Ride Set
Ralfvieh's Clockworks
Ralfcieh's Fountains
SafariJ's Arrow Pack
Shy Alpine Village Set 1-6
Shy Main Street 1,2,5,6,7
Shy Planters
Shy Rock Set
Shy Water World 1
SK Canopy 101
SK Hangar 51
Skiboy247's Brake Set
Skiboy247's Car Box Jump
Skiboy247's LIM set
Skiboy247's Sensor
Skiboy247's Station Cover
Skiboy247's Steel Tunnels
Smallish's Water Park Pieces
Spez Mies Wall Set
Station Jim's Country Inn
Station Jim's Furnishing
Station Jim's Hotel Things
Station Jim's Western Things Pack 2
T4L Fences, and Paths and more
Viscosity's Woddie Supports
Vodhin's Cafe Kit
Vodhin's Girders n' Glass
Vodhin Lighting Kit 2
Weber Animated Ride Event Doors
xIWillDestroYouAllx B&M Coaster Addons
xIWillDestroYouAllx Mini Coaster Addons
Zepplin's Launch Fins

All coasters in this park ARE NOT recreations of real coasters with the same name!!!!
Enjoy the park and download for more!

Thanks for downloading
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File Size 15.56 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 10, 2013




y0 thats awesome


Very nice! ... but there's too much custom scenery stuff required.


Thanks! You don't have to have all the CS.

rct master

you can get the neon lighting set here:

rct master

here is 182470's Station Set V.2.

rct master

you can get all the l33 paths here:

rct master

if you are struggiling to find the poa sets you can get them here


im not gonna download that becuase theres too much cs


@rct master Yes, all are right.


If anybody wants a pretty good ride Not too much cs just about 6 or 5 sets and you got it
I just posted it and it took me about 3-4 days to make since i had school and homework+football games
it took half of my time. Name PLACE TITLE HERE


@xXLegitKillerXx Are you saying mine is bad?


What is the POA sets?? I don't see that in the list


@sikkinixx99 L33 POE Building 1 and 3


your save file is apparently too big?? RCT3 has problems with anything over 12-13mb. the park crashes upon loading. darn :(


It happens to lots of computers.


This is PiecesOfPrestige's park


Thank you for uploading my park! :)
Check out the construction of this park in MY epic YouTube series:

and be sure to subscribe to

PS if you DO NOT want to download all the CS 1 pack at a time, there's a full \style\themed folder download on my channel! :)



This Park Is Cool


@xXLegitKillerXx Are you saying mine is bad?

- he couldn't have, because it's not yours :)