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Requires RCT3: Soaked! 0 comments

These stars are fireworks I made with the AFE. so if you need to rename a peep guido fawkes than do so. but I am 99.99999999 percen shure you dont have to. I am a space mountain fan and I could not download fireworks without my computer messing up so I decided to make my own.
these fireworks are great for almoast anything and I put a lot of time into trying to understand and work the AFE. making these stars was not
easy so please enjoy them. these stars are for those people that cant
get firework packs and have waited for some on this site.
(download file to the rct firework effects and just to be safe copy it
and download it to fireworks)

Section Pyrotechnics
Type Custom Firework
File Size 5.37 KB
Date Uploaded Apr 29, 2007
Liked by SamDogy