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Welcome the first Starworld Park to Starworld Parks and Entertainment®.

Starworld Thrill-ville is a Starworld park in Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 with a lot of thrill rides. NO Gentle or Kiddie rides here. See the coaster directory below. Starworld Thrill-ville has some of the best and fastest rides in the world and is excited to show you them. No custom content is required.


Backwards - Multidimension Coaster
Goliath(STARWORLD ORIGINAL) - Wooden Coaster
Kingda Ka(STARWORLD ORIGINAL) - Stratacoaster
Made a' Cork(STARWORLD ORIGINAL) - Corkscrew Coaster
Runaway Mine-train - Mine-Train Coaster
Stormrunner - Stormrunner Coaster
Vertigo - Giant Flume Coaster
Yellow Madness - Giga Coaster

Starworld Original means this coaster can be found at many other Starworld parks and various forms or variants.

© 2016-2021 Starworld Thrillville™ is a trademark of Starworld Parks and Entertainment®. All rights reserved.

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