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This is a set of Steel I Beams for RCT3. There are two sizes and two types. There are standard I beams and small I beams. The types are standard and type 2.

Hint: The standard type I beams are better for working with walls the type 2 I beam is better for when working with out walls such as using them for ride supports.

If you need more information just PM me.

Section Custom Scenery
File Size 159.82 KB
Date Uploaded Aug 21, 2011


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Does anyone think that this set along with BigBurger's Timber would make close to prototypical RMC Hybrid supports? I'm trying to make the best thing I can get to a customizable RMC hybrid coaster. And I need a set to make steel supports. I don't think Moby's steel jungle would do it because RMC's steel supports are square like these I beams