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The most realistic re-creation to date from my knowledge. It took me a week to get it as spot on as possible, from the supports to the fast lane enterance.
Excitement: 6.64 (High)
Intensity: (High)
Nausea: (Medium)
CS needed:
Acena's pavement essentials expanded
Weber aged footers
Baffie's stations
Cpcisco footers
Mega coaster track connectors
Moby's steel jungle v1 and v2
realtycoon3's inverted impulse CS
Shyguy's circus center set
Hotroddude's park xtras
Coasterjoe's queue lines
Ynor9 control room
seat tester for roller coaster
xXiwilldestroyyouallXx B&M coaster addons v2.0
Imagineer Johns animated coaster kit.
If I am missing a CS set or you have any questions about where to find CS or anything at all, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

Section Parks
File Size 2.15 MB
Date Uploaded Aug 29, 2013




Awesome job!!!!!!!


Thanks! Builders are always pleased to hear their work is appreciated. :)


Awsome coaster man!!


nice job