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Welcome to Mercury!
Mercurial Mohole is the sixth scenario of my [Strange New Worlds] scenario pack which is set in the future and lets you build theme parks all around the solar system.

A mining company went bankrupt and you took up a huge loan to buy the abandoned ore refinery. Now it is time to earn your money back and build a successful theme park on this hot and desolate planet.

The goal is to repay your loan of 150,000 and achieve a park value of 400,000. Guests are harder to attract here, so try to build long coasters to draw them in.

Made with OpenRCT2 stable v0.4.2.
Should work without RCT1 linked.
Wacky Worlds and Time Twister are not required.

Section Scenarios
File Size 47.96 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 15, 2022