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Welcome to Saturn's moon Titan!
This is the tenth scenario of my [Strange New Worlds] scenario pack which is set in the future and lets you build theme parks all around the solar system.

Along the toxic lakes of this distant world, jungles of genetically engineered plants are thriving. Be careful not to disturb them when you expand your theme park on your way to pay back your huge loan.

The goal here is to repay your loan of 200,000€ and reach a park value of 333,000€ with the limited space you have. You cannot remove trees and do not start with a lot of land but there is space for expansion.

Made with OpenRCT2 stable v0.4.2.
Should work without RCT1 linked.
Wacky Worlds and Time Twister are not required.

Section Scenarios
File Size 67.1 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 15, 2022