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Welcome to Mars!
This is the twelfth scenario of my [Strange New Worlds] scenario pack which is set in the future and lets you build theme parks all around the solar system.

In this scenario, you purchased a plot of land on the slopes of the tallest volcano in the solar system. The local authorities prohibit tall constructions or changes to the land however, so you have to use the slopes of Olympus Mons to create 10 thrilling rollercoasters.

The goal is to build 10 different kinds of rollercoasters with a length of at least 1,200m and an excitement of 7. With the restriction on landscaping and without the ability to build tall, space is precious here so use it wisely.

Made with OpenRCT2 stable v0.4.2.
RCT1 files must be linked.
Wacky Worlds and Time Twister are not required.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Nov 17, 2022