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Stranger Things is part darkride, part inverted coaster. Based on the popular Netflix series, guests are immersed in scenes from the town of Hawkins including the junkyard, the Byer house, the Upside Down and others. Watch out for the demogorgon! Race through the Upside Down with Eleven on a journey through Stranger Things! CS by: BOS, Boston, Captain, Coasterfreak, CSF, CT, DRP, Fink, Imagineer John, JCat, Lonewolf, Moby, NYR, Old Spice, Pumper, Ralfvieh, Rct3Mike, Shy, Station Jim jr., Vodhin, Weber, Yesnt, and Zero G.

pov: https://youtu.be/eN_l9sMgvBU

Required CS sets:

CT's Ancient set
DRP's Tubes set
Fink's Stressed Out West II set
Gadget Goodies for Coaster set
Imagineer John's Animated Dark Ride Tubes & Pieces set
JCat's ScreamWorx set
JCat's SpaceWorx set
LoneWolf's Round Footers set
Moby's Steel Jungle v1 & v2 sets
NYR's Asphalt Roads set
Old Spice's Utilities set
Pumper's Dark Ride set
Ralfvieh's Pathcover set
Rct3Mike's Vine set
shy's Alpine Village sets 1, 4, 5, and 6
shy's Rock set
Station Jim jr.'s Apocalyptic Things set
Station Jim jr.'s Gardening sets 1, 2, and 2.5
Station Jim jr.'s Random Things set
Vodhin's Vermont Theme v1 set
Weber's Animated Ride Event Doors set
Weber's Deep Caverns set
Weber's Large Rocks set
Yesnt's Billboard set
Zero G's Things set

After this round of build it is completed I will come back and add all the billboard pictures to this download's page in the screenshots section. Best of luck to all the entries this round!

Section Tracks
Type Inverted Compact Coaster
File Size 3.37 MB
Date Uploaded Oct 12, 2018