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This is Strix, my latest (and perhaps greatest) NoLimits 2 Creation. You start out traveling up a 240 foot lift hill, and then plummeting down a 245 foot vertical drop. Powering through an Immelmann, and then up a curve. you hit a small MCBR. After the brakes, you drop again, this time 100 feet, and into a upward twist. Pulling out, you slam into a splashdown, and then you float through a roll. after a small helix, you hit the brake run. Around the ride you find a plaza with a few smaller rides and concession stands, and some picnic tables. Strix is surrounded by a small forest.

POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqtzH6Mpk6w

Section Tracks
Type B&M Dive Coaster
File Size 10.23 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 19, 2016