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I used to go camping at a place in southern Ontario known as Wasaga Beach, which has likely one of several strings of beach entertainment districts within the Georgian Bay area. Those times were the inspiration for this new scenario.

In this BEGINNER scenario of the "Slayer's Slay-Rides" Pack, you maintain a small beachline district full of various services to begin with. The authority of which asks for upped ante on profit, more specifically, on rides and attractions. They already have enough for food/drink and souvenirs and need expansion with some extra rides.

To achieve a monthly income from ride tickets of at least ,000

- Guests start with moderately high happiness.
- Guests pay for rides and enter for free.
- The climate is hot and dry.

SIDE NOTE: This was initially going to be a scenario to boost profit from food/drink and merch, but after playtesting for a decent amount of time, you couldn't get to 00 in profit easily, which was the minimum setting amount for said objective. This is why we have a LOT of stalls packed in these buildings, but make of them what you will when you play this...

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Date Uploaded Sep 18, 2023