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Hey Everyone! My name is Mark! I've been a huge RCT fan for about 7 years now, I just recently stumbled upon this community about a week ago through YouTube and I've absolutely fallen in love! I cant believe how much incredibly creative content there is on here. I personally love building extravagant / over the top theme parks and rides, and over the years I've accumulated a lot of skill in doing so.
I'll be uploading the rest of my parks here as I find the time!

Any who, Here's a park i made last year, its probably my favorite park I've ever designed, and its definitely the most massive one I've ever made.
No additional mod/content/scenery needed!
All you have to do is run the zip folder and all your files should extract on the spot. From there read the "ReadMe.txt" file to find out which folder to place the .dat file in. After that your all good to go!

I'll be releasing many more of my massive parks later this week, so stay tuned!
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Section Parks
File Size 1.91 MB
Date Uploaded Nov 16, 2017




Welcome to the comunity! Always good to see new contributers!
Great job on this one. looking forward to your other uploads!


dude... this is so good. it gave me so many ideas for my parks! thxx!!!