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Superman: THE 4TH LAW is an Intamin launched roller coaster. The plot is that Lex Luthor is using a machine to merge the world together into one tiny island. Board the cars and team up with Superman and stop the evildoer!
Excitement: 8
Intensity: 4
Nausea: 1
You will need the Expedition GeForce CTR, as well as the following CSO:
Shyguy's rock set
DRP Tubes
ATH Catwalks
Arkangel LIMs
n7 Ornamental Trees
Spice's trees
StationJimJr's gardening 2
Alex's pathcovers
I think that's all.
Have fun and save the world with SUPERMAN!
P.S. I'm on sgw now too. :)

Section Tracks
Type Expedition GeForce CTR
File Size 3.3 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 3, 2015
Liked by SamDogy