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Swamp Cove is a Modern Thrill Theme Park for nearby Spokane Washington State I picked amusement parks to build in! This is the scenario with the dueling inverted coaster I thought of as Islands of Adventure like as I really still miss and heartbroken for Dueling Dragons which was a cool coaster as this is why I play rct for many reasons but nothing last forever good things do come to an end be happy what you rode went to on and move on I know! A incredible hulk inspired ride is seen in here as this park contains many dueling coasters! I remodified the dueling inverts by adding pre drops after lifthills and duel criss cross more on the island part! I did have to rebuild the dueling bobsleds as they kept on crashing! My sister and I also built a quintuple dueling coaster inspired by Fox Master on Youtube years ago which he sadly deleted as I wish he never did! I have very fun on this park! Very happy with it!

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Mar 11, 2023


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Also with the quintruple coaster when it breaks down one of the trains stays at the second station from where unload at! I didn't have much space as I thought of and what you have to do is pause the game close all five tracks twice then open again then they duel again for a good while or you have to unselect minutes of of any dueling train thats stopped at the second station! Sorry about it though! I did learn a lot building it!