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Watch the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXT68eWCB0c

Swashbuckler is a crazy 10-inversion coaster, featuring two never before seen elements. The first is a triple twisting inversion I call the "swashbuckler" roll. The other new element, located below the swashbuckler roll, is an unnamed corkscrew type element which contains two inversions. The park wishes for RCTgo members to think of a name for this element. There is also a lagoon roll, the second of its kind. During the rides Immelman, an interesting fire event has been added to the ride for an extra thrill.
The entire coaster is situated in a pirate settlement, giving an interesting near-miss effect to the coaster. Along the ride is a large scenic pirate ship situated in the lake, enjoyed by many park-goers.


Section Tracks
Type Infinity Coaster
File Size 7.8 MB
Date Uploaded Oct 24, 2016


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great job! i knew you were going to beat my icy blast.