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Peeps! My first biggish park.
-- Its name is a tribute to Sydney (where I'm currently living), but there are no building/design references to the actual appearance of the city of Sydney. ..Symbolic name.
-- It's not a "theme park"; it's quite a mix, though I'm planning some theme parks in the near future. This is kind-of my first attempt at a larger scale park.
-- I'm not very good at terrain shaping. There are many many imperfections.
-- I wanna list some downloaded coasters I've used here : [p.s. THANKS to the creators! Sorry, don't remember the usernames I got them from.] "Pagoda Freefall" (launcher freefall), "Turbokat" (extended), "Harlequin" (hypertwisted), "Forward & back & forward again" (inverted).
Hope you enjoy! ! ! ! All comments will be appreciated. >>>>Andrew (from Italy, now in Sydney)

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Date Uploaded Jun 17, 2019
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P.S. I will probably do a #2 version of this, slightly bigger, with an extended section on the back side (beyond the mountains), trying to reproduce the Circular Quay (Sydney's main quay with Harbour Bridge), though it's not an easy task.