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The most spectacular pool ever! Your guests are sure swim in this place for hours. Comes with a cool building also.

Important!!!! If you plan to install this with the building, READ CAREFULLY! Unfortunately, i ran into countless problems for getting it to work correctly with the shack. This is the ONLY way to install with the building correctly. (unless you have rct3 set so attractions can intersect terrain)

1. Lower a large area of terrain, such as a 40 x 40 area. Use the ride and scenery lowering tool and LOWER THE TERRAIN DOWN 3 TIMES.

2. Place the building i have included into the area you just lowered. RAISE THE BUILDING UP 2 TIMES.

3. Place the pool so it lines up with the building. Do not lower or raise the pool, just get it positioned right so that its deck lines up with the lower roof area and its 2 slides come out of the top of the building. (refer to the screenshot)

If you have any questions or need help placing this correctly, message me on the forums. Thanks. :-)

Section Pools
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Date Uploaded Dec 29, 2008




It's awesome if i could be in the RCT3 i would go here lol


IF you make it on flat land you wouldn't have a list of things a person has to do first.