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Scenario (working)

A new expansion of land is coming to the bright lights of Las Vegas which can only mean one thing A NEW CASINO! However you’ve jumped the gun this area of Las Vegas is yet to be granted approval for gambling by the state commissioner you have a huge amount of debt from the purchase of your super ‘Casino’ and must make money fast or face financial ruin.
Fortunately you have come up with a brilliant solution build a much needed super Theme Park which includes a temporary dingy slide inside what you hope will one day be your casino floor. In order to realise your dream of one day opening a Casino you must first pay off your debt and build up enough funds and notoriety to become a Las Vegas Legend! Good Luck!!!

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Date Uploaded Jan 6, 2017
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see a short video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVNKR8fVwOA