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Did anyone ever tell you that great white sharks aren't good animals to keep in an aquarium? Yeah, the sad truth is that great white sharks need the open ocean in order to thrive. Or, at least, a bigger tank than some (recently-fired) zookeeper decided to trap a pair of them inside. Don't you know sharks need to enjoy the presence of flamingos preening and medusas acting like they intend to shoot arrows at them, or else they get lonely and start pining for the fjor...oh, wait, that's a different animal. Never mind, just enjoy the coaster.

(Note: This track uses scenery from the expansion packs. Also, as this is a re-theming of a previous coaster I've built, you can check out the original track (that doesn't need the expansion packs) here: http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/15828)

(Also: Like with Lagoon Typhoon, I recommend building a lake to put this in.)

Excitement: 6.99
Intensity: 8.57
Nausea: 3.79

Section Tracks
Type Great White Shark Ride
File Size 11.31 KB
Date Uploaded Jan 30, 2017