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The Burning Spur Ranch is a place where only the brave choose to tread. It is home to a massive rampaging steel beast. That beast has felled many a rider foolish enough to tangle with it. It shakes and bucks and bellows, daring anyone to traverse its 7000 plus foot form. And at times you will hear it trumpet its taunt............
I AM TANTRUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ride me if you dare.......

Tantrum is an extended coaster I designed as a nod to one of my favorite coasters of all time: Maverick at Cedar Point. Its fast and racy with a couple of inversions. It also incorporates the usage of a launched hill and a LIM launched second part with a mini TTD peak to create a coaster with a little bit of everything.
Excitement rating:8.47(very high)
Intensity rating:6.38(high)
Nausea rating:3 (medium)

you will need these CS:
a goodies coaster set for a flat part
MRPKI's coaster tunnels
gazebo and rock set
foliage set
moby's steel jungle (thin)
vodhin's bush (but just about anything vodhin you should have)
jcats steelworx
aged footers
trees mega pack
vodhins light kit
CPcisco's B&M footers
ATH catwalk set
(i think thats all of them)

Let me know what you think.
thank you and enjoy>>>>>

Section Tracks
Type extended
File Size 4.79 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 18, 2012






TOLD YOU GRAZZT777! See! Now your a winner! :D


Yes but he cheated! He uploaded the coaster twice when entering which is against the rules!


thanks for the acknowledgement i really appreciate it!!!! Im sorry for any misunderstanding REDRAIN but ive looked over the rules at what CANNOT be done and it says nothing about entering a coaster that IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD prior to the competition. i have not entered the same coaster twice merely entered a coaster that was available for download before this round started. Look at the rules.... but im not here to cause conflict so i apologize for any misunderstanding and im very sorry.RCTcoasterbuilder9988 i guess you was right!!!!!! thanks!!! but i still rather let people enjoy my work than win. that is more fun to me!!!!!


I knew this one would win!


That is wicked. Nice job, man!


thank you...


Looking for foliage set and cant find it can you send a link my way?


ok ill check