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Te Karaka Bay (New Zealand)

Requires RCT2 or RCT Classic 5 screenshots 2 comments

A huge map with strictly limited space to expand, set in the far north of New Zealand's Te Ika A Maui, AKA the North Island. This naturally formed spit has been sold off to developers in an effort to boost tourism to the far north, which is a region of the country accessible only to those who desire to drive or bus for hours on end. The park that exists here currently was recently constructed but the leaseholders have transferred the lease over to you, along with some financial aid. Can you apply your park-building skills to this challenging scenario, and turn a profit? She'll be right.

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Date Uploaded
Feb 10, 2017




Nice one


Just downloaded it, and as soon as I opened I could repay my loan and win the scenario lol