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This my entry for Deurklink's Ride Creation Contest round 30. The goal was to make a looping corkscrew roller coaster in the style of the company Arrow Dynamics. I ended in 3rd place.

For this entry, I wanted to reimagine a coaster that I tried to make a long time ago, but never finished. I improved pretty much every aspects of the coaster: the layout is more interesting and more fluent, there's a huge, mountainous landscape that fits around the coaster instead of a flat land, the architecture around the coaster is better executed and I even got to add more scenery and details such as custom supports, a complete foliage, a river and a plaza. The old, unfinished version can be seen on the second last screenshot.

My inspirations for the layout of the coaster came from Great American Scream Machine from Six Flags Great Adventure and Viper from Six Flags Magic Mountain.

The name "Terracia" was imagined from the word "Terra" which means "Land" or "Earth". It is fitting since the coaster relies a lot on terraforming.

The story I wrote for this entry goes like this:
"This is a reimagination of an old Arrow Looping roller coaster I attempted to create more than 4 years ago, but never finished. This version has a more creative setting, a more fluent layout and better quality scenery.
Also, no big bridge through a loop this time. Sorry, Deurklink. 😉"

See final screenshot for statistics.

This park was made with only 1 custom element: the color palette named English Palette II. It can be found in the "Water" section in the object selection when you create a scenario after you imported the object when opening the park. However, Wacky World and Time Twister expansions are needed to view the park.

This park is only compatible with OpenRCT2.
*NB: RCT1/RCT1 Deluxe installation might need to be attached to OpenRCT2 in order to view the park in its true nature.

I hope you like it. :D

Section Tracks
Type Corkscrew Roller Coaster
File Size 472.37 KB
Date Uploaded Sep 10, 2021


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Looks great Supra!