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This one guest have no preference to rides.
My first proper scenario with a mountain, forest, desert and rain forest. To top it off a volcano in the middle. I have made this a challenging scenario as I personally find it easy to get going and make cash. I have added all the decent rides, shops and scenery. Hope you enjoy :) the park also has 4 entrances and exits. To help with guest getting lost :)

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Jul 12, 2021
Liked by atcat26, NancyM




Awesome Park and ride selection! One question, did you mean to set the loan interest to 77%? That’s pretty crazy high lol


Thanks for the revison :) its a nice landscape


Glad you like it people ❤️ I have also shared my park of this landscape 21 years on if you're interested :)


3 of the park entrys dont have a map entry.