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The Blizzard is a Mack Multi-Launch Coaster that is sure to give you a wild ride. The Blizzard goes through a village and terrorizes it, bringing them a harsh winter storm. Enter the ride through the custom made station, which appears to be destroyed by the Blizzard. Blast through three launches and six inversions; a Norwegian loop, heart-line roll, loop, corkscrew, and a flying-snake dive like inversion. This ride also features incredible airtime moments. Even though this ride is intense, it can also be enjoyed by the family because of its less intense banked curves and airtime hills. Enjoy!

All custom scenery is made using SketchUp.

Check out the YouTube video here: https://youtu.be/blJFVsOs8dM

Have fun!

Section Tracks
Type Mack Multi-Launch
File Size 588.45 KB
Date Uploaded Dec 30, 2015