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Excitement: 8.29 (Very High)
Intensity: 7.38 (High)
Nausea: 3.77 (Medium)
Drops: 17
Inversions: 15

You've probably seen the countless YouTube videos, and I've decided to make my own. If you haven't seen the multiple YouTube videos, let me explain.
A "Box" is a coaster encased in multiple "rooms" each with a checkerboard pattern. The reason for said checkerboard pattern is to confuse the rider, with the coaster going on the walls and upside down. With almost a mile of track and TONS of inversions, this one is sure to keep you thinking, "which way is up?"

Note: You WILL have to put this up by 1 using shift and pulling up. Since this is so laggy to place and sometimes even to ride, you might not want to place this in a big park. Also, the colors of the track shown in the picture do not show up, but it somehow changes to a weird green and pink about halfway through. Fix this by going to settings and color track all the same color. If you still have problems, PM me!

Section Tracks
Type Extended Coaster
File Size 389.13 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 26, 2011




Well done zach_gamer77, a great coaster,


congradulations on winning dude! You have always commented on my stuff. I voted for this even without knowing it was you!


Thanks everyone!


@zach_gamer77 great work, I'm making a box to. I called The box 2, You must see!!


it looks alot like the one in the video (Suspiciously)