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The Catfish Cove, a small wild mouse coaster, ideal for your parks!
This coaster is a combination of sharp turns, drops and scenery all round.

Some Custom Scenery is included in this coaster, here is the list:
- Shy-catfish cove set
- Traditional Roofs
- Jcat’s MouseWorx
- Jcat’s SteelWorx
- Foliage set
- DasMatze’s Fences and Railings
- Old Spice’s Box set
- Shy- Rock set
- Mr. PKI’s Coaster Tunnels

Place the file in your Documents - RCT3 - Coasters

Enjoy the Thrill!

- Tivari -

Section Tracks
Type Wild Mouse
File Size 135.38 KB
Date Uploaded Sep 24, 2020
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Feel free to download and enjoy!


This looks amazing!