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Never type in another peep cheat again! The moment this family walks into your park, you will have cheats activated. Includes Alvin Swazonegger (ability to use large movies on billboards), Mornington Crescent (allows underground shops), David Walsh (allows you to remove menus and game interface by pressing ctrl+u), M Brookes (allows building of scenery on path edges), David Braben (disables chain lift speed and launch speed limits), Guido Fawkes (enables advanced firework editor), John Wardley (disables height limits), James Hunt (gives you a buggy to ride around on double click), Jonny Watts (rename in uppercase to see a POV of the peep) & John D Rockefeller (rename in uppercase to get ,000).

Section Peeps
File Size 8.92 KB
Date Uploaded Jun 6, 2010




How can I download if it just shows the notepad doc.?


Just copy everything you see after you click the *Download* button, open up your notepad program thing and paste it there. Then save the file in: "My Documents/RCT3/peeps"
(in Windows 7: "C:\Users\*your user name*\Documents\RCT3\Peeps")

Hope this helps


what happens if you put one person one?


There are more codes than that…