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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxEidtJaQEg&t=119s

An old Pittsburgh steel factory attempted to become a world-class coaster manufacturer, inspired by the work of Arrow Dynamics, but their attempt to join the coaster wars failed, as none of their coasters are known to this day. Gerstlauer then purchased it, and renovated it for their new and exciting "test coaster" for their clients . . . the public caught word and wanted to try it out for them selves, and Gerstlauer willingly obeyed.

This coaster is an interesting concept, let me explain it to you...

The split coaster has always been a popular concept of mine; however, this one is a bit different. Instead of a random ride, riders can choose their very own experience! It showcases a few parts of the company, their launches, inversions, vertical lifts, beyond vertical drops, and airtime. Inversion range from their very own banana roll to loops and dive loops. Switch tracks allow for the rider to choose if they want only airtime, only inversions, or a mix of both. This is perfect for clients to test what kind of coaster they want in their park! The launches come with inversions, and the lift hills with airtime. This complex design can be cleared up in the video and the screenshots.

Section Tracks
Type Gerstlauer Infinity
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Date Uploaded Dec 6, 2017
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