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It was a stifling hot July afternoon. Officers Bob Brains and Bill Buffoon were working on duty together, their faces sunburned and their uniforms soaked in sweat. Suddenly, they spotted someone running out of the bank with a giant sack of money and heard an alarm go off. The officers chased down the criminal and cuffed him up.

"Okay, Bob," said Officer Buffoon. "What should we do with him now?"
"Let's take him to the cooler," replied his partner.
"Good idea!" said Officer Buffoon. "Come to think of it, I could use a break from this heat, too."

And today, this unit is home to two bank robbers, one of whom was once a police officer.

Excitement: 7.59
Intensity: 7.70
Nausea: 4.06

Section Tracks
Type Stand-Up Twister Roller Coaster
File Size 13.89 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 15, 2016


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Terry Inferno

Bob: "Where's the trolley boy?"
Bill: "In the freezer."
Bob: "Did you say cool off?"
Bill: "No, I didn't say anything."
Bob: "Shame."