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The Dark Knight at Six Flags Great America. It is a wild mouse coaster. Made by Mack Rides. Opened in 2008 as Great America's first dark ride. The Ride is themed as a Gotham City train traveling through the city as the Joker Terrorizes Gotham. In The big building is the enclosed wild mouse, while the other building, is for the queue line. There is no Custom Scenery.

POV, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ntlc-TgSto4

Basic Test Results:
E 6.77 High
I 6.34 High
N 3.92 Medium

Section Tracks
Type Wild Mouse
File Size 136.43 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 30, 2012
Liked by StanW1907, SamDogy




Kudos on providing the first public download of this recreation. :)

Timothy Nicoson

i put this coaster in my file for the Coasters but were can i find it at i been looking every were on my game to find it and it wont show up


The ride should show in Wild Mouse.