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The Amazon Rainforest, the largest tropical rainforest in the world, is known for, among many things, its immense biodiversity. Thousands of different insect species exist within this biome that would be considered gargantuan compared to ordinary insects. One such creature has been known to prey on humans with its massive proboscis, piercing mouthparts, and multi-colored ride trains.

An environmentally friendly park owner, who needed a vacation spot far away from his failing amusement park, built a home away from home in an unexplored region of northwestern Brazil whilst attempting to minimize deforestation. Realizing that he had cut down hundreds more trees than were necessary, he used the excess wood to build a roller coaster 125 feet tall (38m) and 5,000 feet (1524m) in length, placing in the top 10 for wooden roller coasters in both categories. With a top speed of 63 MPH (101km/h), it's also one of the top 15 fastest woodies in the world.

The Fly features large, swooping drops, combined with small airtime hills and gravity-exploiting banked curve sections. Due to the variety of its elements, many of which are hidden underneath the behemoth Amazon timber supports, riders agree that it is unlike any other wooden roller coaster ever built. Combined with its exotic location and proximity to actual dangerous insects, The Fly is truly a unique adventure.

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Section Tracks
Type Wooden
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Date Uploaded Feb 26, 2017




petite question ou je dois mettre le fichier du téléchargement la mouche


This looks like a great and big coaster, a lot of pictures.