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This is the biggest multi-dimension roller coaster I ever built. I hope you like it!

This roller coaster is very intense but has a very high excitement for a multi-dimension track, this track usually having an excitement rating aroud 6.00. A lot of scenery, such as supports, station and many Egyptian items were added around it to considerably inscrease its excitement and give it an imposing look.

This one actually impressed someone I played with, who challenged me to build a multi-dimension roller coaster with an excitement rating over 7.90. And I did it! He was very surprised to see a roller coaster of this kind of track with a high excitement rating like that. Thank you RCGames for all your support and encouragement!

The name "The Fourth Dimension" was given by someone else, but I decided to keep it because it sounded awesome. Also, it is related to the type of track I used, better known as 4th Dimension roller coaster or 4 Arrow, from the manufacturer Arrow Dynamics.

See final screenshot for statistiques.

Section Tracks
Type Multi-dimension Roller Coaster
File Size 171.19 KB
Date Uploaded Mar 8, 2016