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The Great Valley is nestled between red rock mountains near Sedona, Arizona. A waterfall has carved a small lake and river through the park. Two rail lines traverse the park, one of those servicing the upper level of the park. It is lifted by an elevator lift made possible by the Advanced Track plugin. This plugin was also used in creating custom rides and a switch track. The rides, in addition to the train line, made possible by the plugin are dueling RMCs, a lifting star flyer, and a helicopter tour ride. The star flyer ride was inspired by darkmoon_longbow. In order for this park to operate properly you will need OpenRCT2 and the Advanced Track plugin installed.

Section Parks
File Size 14.21 MB
Date Uploaded Feb 1, 2023


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Wow. I am blown away by how good you are getting with your designs. Still a master of packing the park, you have nonetheless elevated your scenery work and building construction to a level closer to your ride building skill. The lift track RMC Racers really show off that skill. This is fantastic park, friend.