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Feel the wings of The Hawk as it rushes around the wood to find its prey! It swooshes and swings you around as you take on the mighty depths of the 12 big drops. This mighty beast flies as fast as 56.47 mph, it flies in the air at a total time of 0:25 seconds and it searches for its prey for 1 minute 52 seconds and flies around 3969.25ft of forest trees until it finds its prey: YOU!

The bird's Excitement rating: 7.15 High!
The bird's Intensity rating: 7.32 High!
The bird's Nausea rating: 4.06 Medium!

Section Tracks
Type Roller Coaster
File Size 1.3 MB
Date Uploaded Feb 8, 2012




Thanks for voting me you 8 mysterious yet familar people! xD The logo on the 2nd sceenshot was supposed to be 1st, and screenshots 4+6 are the same, im sure i only placed 1 of each in? Wierd!


You can go to manage downloads and find this ride and click screenshots and remove/change the order of your screenshots.


Great job on this coaster! I knew it was going to win. It had all the elements needed to do so: excellent ratings, great design, and fantastic name to represent such as coaster. :)


Thanks alex for helping me :)
Thanks RCTNin for supporting me! Get it? SUPPORTing me?


Ourtstanding work!!!


Thanks :)


Very nice, Love the color scheme, and a excellent design. Just hate it when a tree clips the track tho.


Yeah same! But thanks! ^_^ No negative comments from anyone! :D