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Can you hear the howling screams from within. No one quite knows where they came from. The spirits of the building thrive on the screams of peeps as they travel through the corridors. They are known to take the living as they please to feed to demon shackled and chained. Be warned not all that enter survive The Howling.


Excitement - 7.43 (High)
Intensity - 6.74 (High)
Nausea - 3.16 (medium)

Max Speed - 65.71 mph
Average Speed - 34.49 mph

The Zip downloaded file contains:
A sandbox park with the coaster already set up ready for use
Logo to use for the ride
The track with scenery

Section Tracks
Type Extending Coaster
File Size 711.38 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 26, 2019


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I would love to make a scenario of this theme. Have you any objections?