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*You May Need OpenRCT2 to Run This*

The third most modern/recent addition to the park, as well as the smallest coaster in the park. Add these two together and you get loads of excitement packed into a compact layout that thrills guests year after year.

After seeing the popularity of The Dark Knight trilogy (and The Dark Knight in particular) ownership wished to cash in on the Batman hype. They tried to make a catchy coaster themed around Batman, but in the end only could make jokes about Christian Bale. After about a month of this banter, management decided to pursue a new approach and theme the coaster after his arch-nemesis, The Joker. Taking inspiration from the scene where The Joker is strung up form the side of a multi-story skyscraper, they wanted to give riders the same feeling of weightlessness as they just hang in the air. Thus they decided on a very unpopular type of inverted coaster - the Inverted Vertical Shuttle.

At first after the coaster's unveiling many people were skeptic and wondered if it would even work. The only other one that many had seen at the time was at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California.

Fortunately, their doubt was curbed and the coaster boasts one of the highest popularity ratings of all time in the park.


Excitement - 6.94
Intensity - 9.58
Nausea - 7.67

Max Speed - 42 MPH
Avg. Speed - 17 MPH

Ride Time - 58 Secs.
Ride Length - 1,683 Ft.

Max. Positive Vertical G's - 3.09g
Max. Negative Vertical G's - -1.36g
Max Lateral G's - 1.59g

Total 'air' Time - 6.48 Secs.
Drops - 11
Highest Drop Height - 59 Ft.
Inversions - 6

Section Tracks
Type Inverted Vertical Shuttle Coaster
File Size 1.27 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 8, 2016
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The Surge 34

Amazing work. Just Brilliant.